Engineering Services


Feasibility and Evaluation

  • Quick Look Hydraulics
  • Detailed ECD Modeling
  • Parametric Sensitivities
  • Identification of Challenges

Operational Planning

  • MPD/UBD Program
  • Tripping Practices
  • ECD Management
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Managed Pressure Cementing

Project Optimization

  • End Of Well Report
  • Capture/Sharing of Learnings
  • Formation Assessment
  • After Action Review



Real-Time Operations

Beyond Engineering provides client-centered real-time engineering solutions to optimize drilling performance.

Publications and Industry Participation

Case Studies

The Team at Beyond is committed to contributing to the industry and is proud to announce the following publications:

  • Lead Author for SPE-200508-MS: “Three Mud System Allows Successful Completion of >22,000′ Slimhole with 0.5 ppg Window through MPD Optimization of Trip Procedure”
  • Contributing Author for SPE-205020-PA: “Prediction of Reservoir-Kick Effect and Its Management in the Managed-Pressure-Drilling Operation”
  • Lead Author SPE-202179-MS: “Nitrogen-Based Back Pressure Unit Modernizes Managed Pressure Drilling Operations
  • Lead Author for SPE 206397

As we strive to make the industry better, we hold numerous chairs on committees:

  • Energy Safety Canada Industry Recommended Practices 22 Committee
  • API Recommended Practice 92S and 92M
  • IADC Underbalanced Operations & Managed Pressure Drilling (UBO/MPD) Committee


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